St. Margaret’s Parish was formed about 1906. Fr. Charles M. Bart of St. Teresa of Avila, located in Washington, D.C., celebrated masses in private homes. The parish continued to operate in this capacity until Washington native and Catholic businessman Francis Simon Carmody sought the assistance of Fr. Bart to establish a church in Carmody’s hometown, Seat Pleasant, Maryland. After consultation with Cardinal James Gibbons of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Francis Simon Carmody donated the land, paid for the church construction and managed the operating expenses of the church. 
1908 – The church on Addison Road was completed and named St. Margaret’s after both Mr. Carmody’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Carmody and her patron saint, St. Margaret of Scotland.
St. Margaret’s Church was authorized by Cardinal Gibbons. Fr. Francis Schwallenberg was the first resident priest.
1910 – Due to continued growth in the community, St. Matthias Church was erected on Nova Avenue in Capitol Heights, Maryland.
1911 – St. Matthias Church was dedicated.
1913 – The first full scale organized Sunday school for St. Margaret’s Parish started at St. Matthias.
1920 – Miss Irene Mattingly, under the Sisters of Charity Order, became the first nun from St. Margaret’s Parish.
1923 – Reverend Edward R. Braham became the first priest ordained from St. Margaret’s Parish.
1953 – In February, groundbreaking began for a new church, school, auditorium and convent to accommodate the overflowing of the St. Margaret’s and St. Matthias churches.
1955 – St. Margaret’s opened in December and St. Matthias continued to operate as an individual church until it closed on Thanksgiving Day. Fr. McCarthy was pastor, and the Sisters of Felician Order was operating the school. St. Margaret’s Catholic School opened with 250 students.
1963 – St. Margaret’s Parish community reopened St. Matthias as a mission church at the request of the parishioners with only a 10:00 am Mass.
1966 – Mrs. Anna T. Robinson, an African American woman, became the first lay school administrator in the Archdiocese of Washington. She was also the first lay principal of St. Margaret’s Catholic School.
1977 – With about 8-10 children, the church began St. Margaret’s Daycare to provide a learning environment for the 2 – 4 year old children.
1988 – St. Margaret’s moved from under the direction of the Archdiocese of Washington priests to the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary priests.
2003 – St. Matthias continued to prosper until its final closure on Sunday, August 31st. Fr, Fergal McGuire celebrated the last Mass at St. Matthias, assisted by Rev. Mr. Samuel Minor, Deacon.
2007 – With enrollment hovering around 100 students, St. Margaret of Scotland School closed its doors in May.
2015 – St. Margaret’s Parish returned to the Archdiocese of Washington under the leadership of Fr. Damian Shadwell, Pastor, assisted by Rev. Mr. Keith Somerville, Deacon and Rev. Mr. Samuel Minor, Deacon Emeritus.
2016 – St. Margaret’s Daycare, now known as the Early Learning Center, is thriving with approximately 100 students.
2020 – The Archdiocese of Washington asked the Society of African Missions (S.M.A.) to take the administration of St. Margaret of Scotland Parish.
St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church continues to flourish today with several hundred families of parishioners. The true history of St. Margaret’s parish can only be told by its past students and faculty, parents, parishioners, sisters and priests. We are truly all in this together